Natural Treatment For Back Pain Relief That You Ought to Know

Back pain, a very common syndrome among adults of all ages is truly disturbing. Any tension and discomfort at the back is considered to be a kind of back pain. It occurs mainly around the spinal cord. They do not remain confined to the back only. Sometimes back pain even spreads along the legs. It can happen on sites like neck, thorax, and pelvic cavity and even on the tail bone. There is one different reason for a different kind of pains. But most of them occur due to arthritis or damaged intervertebral disc or neurological disorder. Intensity of the pain can range from acute to mild depending on the cause and state. But the pain can be really unbearable making activities like bending or even slight movements impossible.Lower Back Therapy

However, whether the sore is sensitive or mild, there are remedies for it. Prescriptive drugs can kill the pain temporarily but they leave behind long lasting side effects. So to avoid those harmful effects you can try out some of the home made remedies. They are your natural way of getting rid of back pains. Not only they are effective but are also easily available at home and you can practice them without any hassles. Include garlic in your everyday diet. This will help you prevent back pains.

For severe back ache boil 10 leaves of Tulsi in a cup of water till the concoction is reduced to half the cup, add a pinch of salt and take it twice daily. Sleep on a mattress which is firm. Avoid sleeping on soft cushions with your face down. Massage the area of the pain gently, this will help release pain. Use eucalyptus or mustard oil for the massage. In case of chronic back pain eat hot items and keep yourself warm. Apply ice on the inflammation and after sometime replace it with heat. Half gram of Dalchini with a teaspoon of homey also yields best result for back pain. Add carrot, cucumber, lettuce and light cooked vegetables to your diet routine.

Other remedies include is taking vitamin D in sufficient amount. Deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to chronic muscle pain. You will find Vitamin D in fortified milk, fishes that have small bones, cereals, sunlight etc. Emotional stress and anxiety can also be a reason for chronic back ache. So in that case music therapy is very effective. It costs low and is natural. Capciasin cream derived from chili pepper can be applied on the affected area to get relief from back pain.

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