Imaging Tests Improve the Outcome of Back Pain Treatment

imagesBack pain is one of the most common pain conditions and a leading cause of work disability. Effective treatment is hard to come by because there are many potential causes of pain, most of which are difficult to diagnose.

One common diagnostic method for chronic back pain is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Research over the past few years has called into question the usefulness of this type of test for properly diagnosing the cause of pain, as it may falsely identify “abnormalities” in the spine as the cause of pain when the abnormalities themselves are asymptomatic. There is growing opposition in the medical community to using this diagnostic method for cases of back pain without neurological symptoms.

The Test

The SPECT imaging test involves the injection of a radioactive substance into a patient’s body. It affords medical professionals a detailed look into what is happening in your back, including the way blood is flowing and sites of inflammation. The test holds more promise than a basic bone scan, MRI or X-ray for identifying sneaky causes of pain. Visit at more info.

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